Deleted messages

So i have been told by twitch that deleting messages to where they are not viewable is a nightbot issue and that i need to look at tweaking the settings. which setting do i look at for that issue?

You can configure Nightbot’s spam protection settings to make Nightbot timeout certain messages:

ive looked there though and can’t find what will prevent the complete deletion of the message meaning neither the mods or the stream can see what got deleted

There is no way to completely delete a chat message. Extensions like BetterTTV can retain timed-out messages. Nothing can force a chat client to erase a message it received.

really? just this past stream we had a message deleted for caps but the message from the person it effected had no caps in it at all meaning the message that had the caps was deleted completely

By default, Twitch transforms messages from users who have been timed out or banned into “<message deleted>”. If you see messages being completely deleted, then you must have some extension configured to completely remove messages from timed-out/banned users.

we’ve looked and we have no extension that will randomly and completely delete a message. Is it possible that there’s a bug in nightbot’s programming?

There is no possible way to completely remove messages on twitch. When a message gets deleted moderators and owners get told who removes the message. They would see whether it is nightbot doing it.

If twitch said something about such a thing being possible i would like proof, mainly because it has never worked that way.

Nightbot is the one who deleted the message but like i said earlier the message we were able to see had none of the criteria of what nightbot timed the person out for, meaning the message that did have said criteria was completely removed. we have seen this happen multiple times. Twitch has told me it is an issue with nightbot Untitled

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