Deleted custom !commands command but now default !commands won't work


I overwrote the !commands line by accident with this (I didn’t realize there were some things in there that shouldn’t have been there cuz I was copy pasting): !addcom !commands edit !howlong $(urlfetch$(channel)/followers/$(touser)?format=[1]+has+been+following+[0]+for+[2]). I was able to delete the custom !commands but now what happened is that the default !commands does not work. I am a mod for a channel, this is not for my channel, if that makes a difference.

I looked around and saw that the default commands shouldn’t be able to be deleted and so once you delete the custom one it should revert back to the default one, but this is not the case here.

I had created a custom !commands again with the link to the commands page and then tried to delete that and try the !commands command again but did not work.



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You can check in the default commandslist if !commands is enabled and if it has the right userlevel:

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Alright it seemed to have reappeared after I exited twitch and came back to it. It took time though as it wasn’t working as soon as I had deleted the custom command. Thanks!

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Every command has a 5 second cooldown. Since you just used the equivalent of !commands delete, its possible the command was on cooldown to prevent spamming.

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