Delete message function instead of timing out on warning (YouTube Gaming)

Hey there, was setting up NightBot tonight and noticed that for the spam filter functions that NightBot will time out the user for five seconds as a warning on the first offense. Is there any reason the warning doesn’t utilize YouTube Gaming’s simple “delete comment” option instead?

I’d much prefer having this as an option rather than the user’s entire comment history in the stream getting removed like it does when the user is timed out.

Nightbot deletes the user’s comment and issues them a timeout for 5 seconds for first offenses. It should not delete a user’s entire history unless YouTube changed how their timeouts system functions, since that didn’t used to be the case.

Odd, I’ve never seen the YTG timeout system work as you describe it, actually. Ran a quick test to verify.

Pre-spam trigger:
Post-spam trigger:

Nightbot is indeed deleting the message with the blacklisted word(s) separate from a timeout, as you said it should. But yeah, the timeout it issues still deletes the user’s previous messages in that particular livestream’s chat.

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