Definition of "sufficient transparency"

Hello! First of all, thanks for all the hard work moderating the service, it really helps grow channels and foster communities.

I see a lot of threads with the “rejected due to insufficient transparency” issue and I think we need a better definition of what this means, particularly on the emote submission page.

Does this mean 100% alpha on the .png for 50% of the image? Or 50% alpha for 10% of the image?

Can we even submit full-block emotes? Because there seem to be already many examples of available emotes that fill the entire 112x112 space so you can understand the frustration when users submit and are rejected.

Maybe offering some kinds of templates or something that can be downloaded and examined in image editing software would help out a lot too.

At any rate, I eagerly await your reply so I can have this emote that’s been rejected 3 times now approved. Thank you very much for your time and attention, and happy holidays!


In short, if you get the transparent background rejection, it means that the background on the image needs to be removed. There’s emotes that exist on the platform, but they are grandfathered emotes added before the rule was implemented.

Okay, thank you very much Techno. That makes perfect sense and would be a great little footnote on the submission page. Cheers!

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