Debug chat / Console [suggestion]

Hey Community,

I just came up with an idea because it can be hard for mods from slightly bigger streams to test their commands.
Usually they can test them on their own channel. Me for example, is giving other people mod for my channel so they can play around a bit.

Technically it should be possible to add a kind of console to the Nightbot Dashboard to test out some commands and debug them.

What do think of that?


Hey @der_yoloist!

Yeah, I remember someone suggesting something similar before, here’s the dev’s answer at the time:

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That sounds not so promising tbh… like “We can maybe have a closer look in the far far future”…

Well, the dev is really busy, NightDev is a side project he works on during free time, so you need to be patient for new features, the service is free after all, and it’s expensive to host a bot of Nightbot’s size.

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