Deathcounter Command

I tried it with the command in this Forum, but it didn’t work.
i copied it exactly, but it says "[invalid variable]

commands: !addcom !deaths The Current Death Count is:
!addcom -ul=mod !setdeaths $(alias !editcom !deaths The Current Death Count is: )

Can anyone help me with this command pls?

the $(alias) variable is no longer available with the new Nightbot. Please use -a to create an alias as stated in the documentation

For an example using the new format, see this similar thread: Custom !setwins command

Ok, thanks for your help, now it works perfectly

Deatcounter Commands:

!commands add !deaths Streamer died 0 times
!commands add !setdeaths -ul=moderator -a=!commands edit !deaths Streamer died $(1) times

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