Dear BTTV Team, don't make me pay for work I do for others

Hello there,

My name is neko and I like making animated emotes for others to use. I hardly stream myself, since my crappy connection doesn’t allow anything over a 600 bitrate and quite frankly that looks disgusting.

I’ve filled up my 5 channel emote slots and now I can’t upload any new ideas for emotes without deleting an already existing emote. The only way of getting more slots right now is buying Pro.

Why do I have to pay to make emotes for other people to use!?

Just let me upload more (maybe up to 25?) and only use the regular 5 in my own channel.

That way I can continue my fun hobby, get no advantages over other users and more people can enjoy good emotes. It’s ridiculous that I have to pay to create stuff for other people…

Thanks for hearing me out

TL;DR Allow users to upload more emotes, keep the 5 channel emote slots, and creators can only use 5 of the emotes they uploaded aswell.

If you make emotes for others, why not let them upload the emote to BetterTTV? The notion of “It’s ridiculous that I have to pay to create stuff for other people…” doesn’t fit because that user can upload the emote. BetterTTV Pro allows us to give benefits for users who support server costs, such as more emote slots.

You don’t get my point im afraid. I meant “making emotes for others” in a making it for the twitch community in general kind of way. No particular channel in mind. It’s mostly for other channels that would enjoy it. Also it’s still nice to have your nametag attached to something you made. :slight_smile:

Ah I understand, sadly we only offer an increase in emote slots through BetterTTV pro. You however free to delete and upload new emotes to replace them.

Alright, fair enough. At least forward the suggestions to the dev team? As in allow users to upload more emotes, but not increase their slots for their own channel?

If you’re making emotes for the Twitch general public then why do you want free emotes space? You are making them of your own volition because you want to. It’s not a DEV issue, it’s a ‘support the site if you’re going to use it that way’ sort of thing

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