Dealing with Chargebacks on Paypal

Hi everyone. I am a relatively new streamer and have been having a great time streaming. The last month there has been a viewer that has donated a couple hundred bucks over dozens of transactions. Tonight, I came home to see that they have a chargeback filed with paypal for some of the larger transactions.

Does anyone have any advice for how to handle this situation with Paypal? How did you try to resolve it and what was the outcome? I’m honestly ok if i’m out the money… even though I do feel it’s rightfully mine. I do have the streamtip screenshots from where they even left a message with each donation. Clearly it wasn’t an ‘accident’ or a ‘fraudulent charge’ in any way. They definitely meant to donate the money through streamtip.

Just looking for some guidance so I know what to expect. It’s disheartening to put time into something and feel like streamers can easily be taken advantage of. I’m hesitant to use streamtip if streamers have no protection or rights in this scenario! Thanks for your help/advice!


Unfortunately, we cannot help you handle your chargebacks with PayPal. You have to dispute the claim on your own.

But what StreamTip does do, is ban the person that did tip the money, and filed a chargeback. If he does get his money back, he will no longer be able to tip any other caster that happens to be using streamtip.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Unfortunately you’re out the money. I’ve had to deal with the same thing in the past, and now make it my policy not to withdraw/spend any money in my Paypal account that hasn’t passed the initial “dispute” period. Because we’re dealing with “intangible” online digital goods, Paypal doesn’t give you a way to dispute the charge back. Only way would be to provide proof that you had shipped your viewer something tangible.

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