Dark theme is making profile images look blurry / Request for css editing

Hi! I love BTTV. However, I noticed the dark theme tends to blur / resize images on my Twitch Profile. It’s not very noticeable but because I design graphics for people Twitch pages it really gets in my way when I’m trying to see how my graphics look. I think we could easily resolve this issue by adding an option to either 1. Ability to edit the dark theme CSS or 2. Have a field to insert CSS to override / add to the theme.

Example: Look how blurry the image on the right is compared to the left.

It’s impossible for our theme to make your image blurry, so your eyes must be playing tricks on yourself. You can always add a white border to make your image “pop” against the dark background.

If you want to override CSS locally, you can use Stylish. Unfortunately it is not feasible to allow users to upload arbitrary CSS to be loaded into the page, sorry.

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