Daily Command HELP!

hello comunnity i need help creating a custom command the example will be a daily diferent mennsage:

example: !rashid > response will be depending on the current day example
Monday = Rashid is on Edron
Tursday = is on svargrond

@MikeJ_Mike_Tv_P This command should work, if I understand correctly!:

The corresponding text you wanted is already set for Monday and Thursdays. Just change the “Day” in the code for whatever message you want to display for that day :slight_smile:
For example: Where it says “Sunday”, change that to whatever message you want displayed on Sundays.

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where i need to put that code?

Copy-paste the whole highlighted line in your chat and hit enter.

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If you are the Owner of the stream or have Manager permissions to the Nightbot you want to add the command to, you head Here and click the blue “+Add Command” button.

After which you fill in the information:
Command: !rashid
Message: $(eval switch (new Date().getDay()) {case 0: day = "Sunday"; break; case 1: day = "Rashid is on Edron"; break; case 2: day = "Tuesday"; break; case 3: day = "Wednesday"; break; case 4: day = "Rashid is on svargrond"; break; case 5: day = "Friday"; break; case 6: day = "Saturday";})
Userlevel: Everyone (or whatever Uselever you prefer)
Cooldown: 5 (or whatever time you’d like)
Alias: Empty (leave the box empty)

If you do not have access to the Dashboard, you can try simply copy-pasting the command into your Twitch Stream if Nightbot is present, or into Discord if you got your Nightbot synced via Integrations.

Caveat: I believe Twitch has a 400 character limit for messages, so if your command exceeds that limit you will have to use the Dashboard or Discord (Discord’s message limit is 2000 characters).

oh ya thanks can you edit this mensagge to:
"Mondays " you can find him in Svargrond,
"Tuesdays " you can find him in Liberty Baypot.
"Wednesdays " you can find him in Port Hope,
“Thursdays” you can find him in Ankrahmun,
“Fridays” you can find him in Darashia,
“Saturdays” you can find him in Edron,
“Sundays” you can find him in Carlin depot

You can do that yourself @MikeJ_Mike_Tv_P :slight_smile: It should be simple enough!:
Each number after “Case” signifies a day of the week. In this case 0 = Sunday, 1 = Monday, etc. Just replace the text within the Quotation marks “” to display whatever text you want.
As you can see in the code I added the text you provided in your original post to the corresponding Monday (1) and Thursday (4).

im very bad doing this because i dont underestand the complete code
please if you can help me do it for me :call_me_hand:

Here you go:

Example response
If today is Monday, and someone types !rashid, Nightbot will say:
Today is Monday. Find him in Svargrond.

I left each name of the day within the corresponding response just so it’ll be easier for you to tweak it in the future, if you ever need to.

hello sorry, but how i can add this command bc in youtube i only can send a msg of 200/max

Check my second response up there ^ … If you’re not the Streamer you’re likely gonna need the owner himself to add the command directly into Nightbot’s dashboard, where the command character limit is the true limit at 500 characters.

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