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Cutom emotes randomly disappearing and breaking

The channel I mod for has had an issue the past week it started with just 1 of his emotes just disappearing from the listed emotes, we fixed this by reformatting and reuploading the emote. Then it happened again this week except more than 1 of them disappeared. (Twitch is Ltsdawn) I spoke to a fellow mod that mods for another channel (evanf1997) and he told me that they were dealing with the same issue for the past month.

Most likely the emotes you added were either deleted or rejected for being against our emote guidelines.
Make sure that whenever you add new emotes, the ones you choose are not duplicates nor against our emote guidelines.

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It was not against guidelines it was him bobbing his head up and down with sunglasses on


The emote was automatically flagged as “potential NSFW content” this meant it was awaiting review from one of our approvers.
The emote was approved a few hours ago, you should be able to use it now and it shouldn’t get deleted anymore. :slight_smile:

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Alright thank you very much for the help and responding so fast, it’s amazing to see how much work you guys are putting in from looking at all the posts and it is much appreciated.

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