[CustomAPI] Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege API commands (unofficial!)

I use it for PC Player and i still get that “Maybe player isn’t ranked yet ?” after that recent update
can you help me or fix it ?

Velvet Shell fix

Fixed blank clearance level. (stats command)
Fixed time command (now displays casual + ranked time spent)
Fixed rank command (+ Velvet Shell rank changes)

Hey Nekres,
I’m currently rank Platinum III but your API shows that i’m Plat IV. There has never been a rank “platinum IV” in the game so you might wanna update it as soon as you have time for it. :slight_smile: Points are correct though! :slight_smile:
I haven’t tested other ranks, I just know that there is this problem with platinum ranks…

This is the pic with the ranks if it helps you find it faster :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!

Platinum rank fix.

Was waiting for someone to alert me if any of the ranks are wrong. Did the table of ranks on my vacation with only the knowledge of them starting from IV after the Velvet Shell patch. I corrected Platinum accordingly.

Source code is available here. (Table of ranks at line 127-131)


Is the API down? The last couple of days I’m getting this response: Error Connecting To Remote Server

Causes can be an unusual heavy load / usage of the API, the API wasn’t used for a long time and is in a sleep state and needs to “waken up” with one request first OR
technical issues at Ubisoft’s or Heroku’s servers (login issues, heavy load, DOS-Attack etc. You can check the technical support forum on the RB6:Siege forums for complains,)

I checked the logs and there are 3 to 4 cases with request timeout in the last active session of the script. One with a fatal PHP timeout (30 seconds exceeded)
I changed request headers in my script to have an endless lifespan. They should not timeout now. However I believe Heroku(.com) has an internal 30 seconds request timeout though.

The current session runs flawless and there are no timeouts logged.

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I’m not getting any timeouts or error messages since yesterday! Even if I try multiple lookups in 30 seconds… So it seams to be working fine now!
Great script mate!

Good to hear. Also, I am back from my vacation.

I am streaming at twitch.tv/TataKon

If you’re unsure about this API. You can try it out in my stream.

I am sitting in the library of my university right now browsing through my mail to see a mail from Heroku that I used all of my free Dyno hours this months.

Due to its increasing popularity of this API it has reached a point where the “free resources” of Heroku last a whole month. If the resources are emptied due to the amount of requests the API will go into a sleep state until the 1st day of the next month. Heroku has notified me about the increase of traffic to my App and has given me the option to subscribe for 7$ a month. However, as I am a poor student even that money can make me hungry the next days :stuck_out_tongue: However, I believe at this moment we will not need this. The resources last a whole month and has been doing so for the last couple. The free heroku resources were always emptied on the 28th or something and it did not seem to have affected anyone.

As proposed in this GitHub issue by the user pushontom I implemented another work-around ie. solution for players using any sort of whitespace character in their nick names unable to fetch their rb6 resources via my API.

You can now copy your profile Id found in the URL of your ubisoft profile page https://game-rainbow6.ubi.com/
and parse it as ‘nick=’ query parameter instead.

Be sure that your profile Id matches the form of

https:// game-rainbow6.ubi.com/en-us/uplay/player-statistics/ 77c4b04d-f7ed-4914-b911-44f1ef1a9b85/multiplayer

  • Copy it.


  • Insert it.

$(urlfetch https://rainbowsix7nightbot.herokuapp.com/rainbowsix7.php?platform=YourPlatformHere&nick=77c4b04d-f7ed-4914-b911-44f1ef1a9b85&command=rank)

Hey Nekres. im trying this last solution for my page but i still seem to be getting a Connection to Server error… im on xbox… for my nick= i used the url from ubi… any suggestions? thanks in advance

What’s your nick on the ubi website?

On xb1 it’s l PR Dad l. On the ubi site it’s 55a9a1c6-4ba2-46d4-b443-433ae747eb60 Now it’s saying I haven’t done my placing matches or the username is wrong. I have completed them. Thank you !

For xbox one you have to put xbl as platforn param, not xb1.


i just wanna inform u that the stats dont work anymore (i think since the blood orchid update?!).
I get nonstop the “Error Connection to Remote Server” error…

So maybe u can check it what it is or its still a ubisoft problem?
And why ubisoft stats? We have different other pages (r6db.com, r6stats.com) do maybe they work more stabile as ubisoft pages?!

Still having the error message. Can someone help me? :slight_smile:

Any chance theres a word if this api is gonna be fixed? would love to get some r6 stats going in the chat :smiley:

does this command not work anymore? im getting an [Error Connecting To WebProxy Service] error

Hey guys, because this API looks like its not working anymore, i made one similar to this one, you can check it here: [CustomAPI] Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege API (not official)

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