[CustomAPI] Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege API (not official)

Hi, im sorry for the late reply (didn’t seen the email update due to the bunch of emails i get every day :smiley: )

Now to use the R6Tab API (the base API that i use in this project) needs a API key.

I have already requested this same key to the R6Tab team.

Sorry for the inconvenience

EDIT: For this same reason you cannot get any data from my API at the moment.

Hi again! The API is working fine now :smiley:

I can see that it is working again, thanks for the help! But the rank is currently showing the wrong rank once again. Sorry to disappoint lol. I appreciate everything you do to get this command to work! :slight_smile:

Hey I’m using $(touser) for the commands and the only one that worked is the rank, time and stats only show “ Couldn’t find any player with the inserted ID” any fix for that?

@progamer782 Heya, use $(1) instead of $(touser) and also double check the player name.

!addcom -cd=5 !COMMAND_NAME $(urlfetch https://ruioliveira.xyz/r6api/playerdata.php?p_name=$(1)&platform=ps4&region=na&command=rank)

Hope it would work

Hello, I’m trying to use this command. But with the rank it doesn’t show anything. With the stats, it only shows the correct lvl en the time does work.

Hi everyone, sorry for not replying for a while, i get so much trash emails that i dont even se the notification emails :stuck_out_tongue: Seems like the API i rely on is not working atm (R6TAB API), so this API is not working as well.

I will try to notice you guys if the situation changes.

please add the Worldwide region

Hello i would like some help it keeps on saying (Error Connecting To Remote Server)
This is my code is there anything wrong with it
($(urlfetch htps://ruioliveira.xyz/r6api/playerdata.php?p_name=Sniper_serson-l&platform=ps4&region=na&command=rank))