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[CustomAPI] Quote system


“!quote” takes the public token, not the private token. And the private token and public token must “match” as in generated together. Are you sure you installed it properly?

Try generating a new private and public token, add a quote using the private token, and check the “!quote list” using the public token.


I generated a new one and made a manual installation, works fine now, something was wrong with the automatic installation.

Also, will there be a problem if I generate more than 1 token for my channel? I have somethings set in mind that I need aleatory responses to it, this quote system would work perfectly.


would it be possible to edit a quote after already creating one. If so how can I go by doing that. It would be really helpful. Thanks


@ithz Hmm I’ll look into automatic installation to see if something has changed. And yes feel free to install multiple ones (within reason).

EDIT: Just tried automatic installation and it worked fine for me. Not sure what the issue was for you.

@marcos7100 I did add quote editing a few days ago per someone else’s request and haven’t documented it here yet. It’s not fully tested, and has to be installed manually, but if you send an /editquote request, with the index followed by the new quote, it’ll work.

so !editquote 5 this is the new quote with !editquote pointing to, with your private key.


would this work for integrated places such as discord? or would I have to enter something else for that to work?


Do you mean nightbot for Discord? I don’t see why it shouldn’t.


Yes that’s what I mean. I tried it on discord but it doesn’t seem to do anything.


I think I’m missing something. I’m not sure


hi~ it is great but $(user) cant function normally it cant work with &data=On $(time Asia/Hong_Kong “L LTS”) $(user) said: $(querystring)) but can work with &data=On $(time Asia/Hong_Kong “L LTS”) $(touser) said: $(querystring)) (youtube) it return “a Remote Server Returned Code 400”


$(user) proble tnx if can solve


if it can support $(user) it will be really perfect, i will give 100/100% for it !! (≧▽≦):heart:


$(user) breaks if the name contains unicode characters I’m guessing (localized names on Twitch) since it’s not inside the querystring and it’s not being url encoded.


Is there a way to pull up the full list of your quotes? I would like to print it out so I don’t have to try to remember which quote was 10 or 15.


If you used the default commands or set it up automatically you can use !quote list and it will give you a link to your list of quotes.

However it sounds like you may make use of keyword searching. !quote [keyword(s)] will also search for quotes containing the words you use. So you don’t need to remember the number if you remember something specific about the message.


That did it! Thank you so much


so how can i solve it? is it possible to solve it? (X (the name really contains unicode characters haha…) I’m really great to see if i can use $(user) in the quote system ~~ ^ ^


Try $(querystring $(user))


and if it is possible add a &defdata ? haha, (if no any entry after !quote ,it will show the default quote )


The current behavior is that an empty !quote will return one of your quotes at random.


Hello! First of all thanks for this wonderful api! I love it. I just have a few questions.
I did it the automatic way but changed the commands later on through nightbot.
I replaced ‘quote’ with ‘chrystalball’ (add, del, edit).

The thing is I have added 11 Quotes for testing purposes and it seems to always
repeat the same Quote over and over? The thing is, the first 3, 4 tries it seems to work
but no mater what I type always the last added quote will be used.

My other question is can I trigger that command without ‘!’ or do I always have to type
!chrystalball. I am pretty new here but I think I have seen that it can be triggered without ‘!’.

And does it have to stay at first? Like: Chrystalball what’s up? <> What’s up Chrystalball?

A lot of questions but I really appreciate your work!!!