[CustomAPI] Quote system


Does it matter if I’m a mod editing this command, or does the actual streamer need to do this to get the correct token?


You will need to use the same token as the one in your existing !addquote command. If you don’t know what that is, you should go here https://beta.nightbot.tv/commands/custom and find out. You need to be a manager for the channel to access the web interface.

You can also go to https://twitch.center/customapi/quote/generate and get new tokens. But these quotes will be entirely separate from the quotes in your existing quote system.


Thank you so much! It works GREAT!


I have one more question. When I add the quote, it says “Davis0293:” and then the quote so it looks like whatever quote i’m trying to add, I’m the one that said it. Is there a way to fix that?


that’s because of the $(user) variable in his command, you should probably remove that.


Thanks! That did it!


when i try to add the edit one i get this, im not sure what it means by this, can someone help?


After data= in your URL you need to supply an entry index, followed by a space, followed by the new value. Everything after data= also needs to be URL encoded.

For example, to change entry 3 to “my new value”:



I moderate multiple Twitch channels, and I have set up quote systems for a few of them. Tonight, they stopped working, with Nightbot only responding with “[Error Connecting To WebProxy Service]”. Is this a temporary outage in the site hosting the quotes, or is this an issue with the individual Nightbot instances for these channels? Or is the API no longer supported? The quote list is still accessible using a link generated before the error started, but using “!quote list” will not generate the link.


This has happened once before, and it came back online within an hour. This time, however, I am unsure. I shot a tweet to nightdev, but it’d seem they take awhile to reply. So, for now, we’ll just see what happens in the coming hours.

I use this api for quotes as well, so I’d very much like to see this come back online.

Quick note, there was a time were nighdev was completely down, and I was unable to access the list of quotes. So from one api user to another, make a backup just in case.


The api is back online


I don’t really see anything on my end so it may have been Nightbot. Got here too late to properly experience it myself so it’s hard to tell.


Hi, This quote system is great, but is there a way to allow me to @ someone in the !quote command without it messing up the search or list feature?

For example I want to be able to put in
"!quote datdudelarkin 3" or “!quote datdudelarkin 1/12 something”

and get “@datdudelarkin (w/e the 3rd quote is)” or “@datdudelarkin (a quote that matches the “1/12 something” search)”


@am_1 (saw you were quite adequate and helped others, any ideas? I will have too many quotes to just use the 8ball command)
trying to make !quote function as a customized !8ball command however any typing after my !quote command (i.e. “!quote Is the sun hot?”) always returns the final quote in the list. is there a way to make this stay random?


Change the command to not take any parameters, by removing the ($querystring) part.

$(urlfetch http://twitch.center/customapi/quote?token=b4954d74&data=)


Thank you so much! working perfectly!


I just discovered this forum, I moderate another channel and had accidentally deleted the !quote command for the channel while trying to edit a quote. I have the url link for the customap quotelist. is there anyway to readd the !quote command? the !addquote and !delquote are still there I just need the !quote command


Just replace YOURTOKENHERE with your token from your quote list and add this command:

$(urlfetch http://twitch.center/customapi/quote?token=YOURTOKENHERE&data=$(querystring))


I try putting it in but it just gives me a link for the command list


Thank you very much!
Is it possible to specify number and total numbers of quotes? For example, I have 10 quotes and the bot return quote #7 from the list, so in chat should be something like this: “[7/10] Another quote blah blah…”