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nightbot itself has better spam prevention, whereas some other bots don’t.

@ehsankia Can you help me with something to do with the quote system? Would you be able to send me a message?


I was wandering if this could be used for jokes too.
Instead of adding the jokes through the chat though, i’d rather have the an external txt file where i save the jokes/quotes and can edit, add, detele them easyer

I expect this woudl use the fetch url function but not sure how to make this work. Do you have any ideas?

Dear forum,

I am personally using your quote system as a counter, but I would love to remove a specific query only once.
But it won’t work, is there a variable I could add to make it delete one in stead of giving me the answer “too many matching entries”
Hope to hear from you

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@gg_recked You can specify the list ID of the entry you want to delete.

Dear @RokettoJanpu,

Thank you for your reply, the thing is it is not handy.
I want to make it person proof :slight_smile:.
I am using the system you created a year ago (Command to display multiple $(count) results)
Is there really no other way then delete #id?

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can you explain

  1. what do you mean by “the thing is it is not handy”
  2. what do you mean by “make it person proof”
  3. what do you propose here? If there are multiple matching entries, but you want to remove a single quote, there’s no other way to do it through commands.

Dear @ehsankia,

Thank you for responding. I just would like a variable that I can put behind the link to delete one entry point with the name “loss”“win” .
For example: $(urlfetch https://twitch.center/customapi/delquote?token=token&data=loss&remove=1)
What I mean by human proof is to make it as simple for the streamer as possible so he does !delloss and 1 loss will be subtracted.
Hope to hear from you.

Kind regards,
Dennis Berkers

Hey, so need help with a specific topic, and if this question was answered already I do apologize couldn’t find the answer in a scroll. So, right now I have a total 3 commands for quotes – the regular !quote, !addquote, and !delquote. I have been using the commands for quite a while and they work great. However, what I’m looking for currently is a way to separate the !quote command itself so that regular users (up to vip) can’t do, say, !quote 4 to get the 4th quote while moderators up can. Essentially I’m wanting a way to make sure regular streamgoers have the randomized list whereas mods can pull specific quotes for specific situations. How would I go about accomplishing this? Thank you in advance.

Make a copy of the quote command with a new name and set the level to “VIP” or whatever you need it to be. Then update the original !quote command to not have the data=$(querystring) part at the end, that way it always receives an empty argument.

Thank you :smiley: @ehsankia

Hey all! Is there some way to impose a cooldown on the !quote command (with or without a number)? Some folk do it a bit too often, and it clogs up the chat quite a lot. Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

!editcom !quote -cd=[new cooldown in seconds]

that’s perf, thanks <3

Excuse me. Is there a way for me to add a name and remove the @. for example. If I do !addquote @zebcy “whatever quote he says”. it brings back the result as zebcy “whatever quote he says”…

Thanks in advance


I have a bit of a novice question:
I’m a mod/Editor for a channel using this API and a bunch of the quotes in quote list are showing as $(querystring). What does this mean, why is it happening and how do I fix it please?

Sorry if this has already been answered!

Copy and paste your command response for !addquote (with the 16 character private token excluded).

Hello there.

A streamer I have been watching has been receiving an error code every time we attempt to use the !addquote command when he plays Pokémon games. I was thinking it may be the fact of the accent mark “é” and the character not available to be used or posted? I could just be completely wrong lol.

If there was a previous solution similar to my situation I appreciate it, and apologize for the duplicate discrepancy. Just tryna deduce the problem.

Thank you very much!

Is there a way I can create a different command with the sam system?

I’m already using !quote command, and want to create something similar but using a different command instead.

Thanks for the work!

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Hey @N1MP0!

Of course, just generate new tokens. Use the second link in the original post and copy the public and private tokens you’ll get. Look at the field bellow if you don’t know where to look for these.

$(urlfetch https://twitch.center/customapi/quote?token=PUBLIC_TOKEN&data=$(querystring))
$(urlfetch https://twitch.center/customapi/addquote?token=PRIVATE_TOKEN&data=$(querystring))
$(urlfetch https://twitch.center/customapi/delquote?token=PRIVATE_TOKEN&data=$(querystring))

Then create command with the new tokens.
For example if you want to fill a list and consult it, use this to add an element to your list:

$(urlfetch https://twitch.center/customapi/addquote?token=PRIVATE_TOKEN&data=$(querystring))

And use this to consult it:

$(urlfetch https://twitch.center/customapi/quote?token=PUBLIC_TOKEN&data=$(querystring))

Like you would for a normal quote command.

Keep your PRIVATE_TOKEN secret, don’t share it anywhere, so to add a command do it from the dashboard, don’t use the chat as anyone could monitor it and copy the token, they could then edit your list.

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