[CustomAPI] General: Overwatch API

Command Input:

  • quick
  • comp
  • playtime
  • help
  • list

Note: Usernames are case sensitive. Replace Your BattleTag ‘#’ with ‘-’ , for example: TestUser#1234 to be: TestUser-1234. Currently Supports: us, eu regions.

To use it:

Platform: pc / Region: us
!commands add !overwatch $(urlfetch http://twitchsharer.com/files/overwatch.php?command=$(1)&platform=pc&region=us&btag=TestUser-1234)

Platform: pc / Region: eu
!commands add !overwatch $(urlfetch http://twitchsharer.com/files/overwatch.php?command=$(1)&platform=pc&region=eu&btag=TestUser-1234)

Platform: pc / Region: kr
!commands add !overwatch $(urlfetch http://twitchsharer.com/files/overwatch.php?command=$(1)&platform=pc&region=kr&btag=TestUser-1234)

*Platform variables: pc, xbl, psn
*Region: us, eu, kr


!overwatch quick
TestUser-1234 (us-region) is level 135 with 443 wins, 408 losses and total played for 851 games in Quick Match.

!overwatch comp
TestUser-1234 (us-region) is rank 52 with 24 wins, 19 losses and total played for 43 games in Competitive Match.

!overwatch playtime
TestUser-1234 (us-region) has played for 110 hours in Quick Match, and 9 hours in Competitive Match.

More commands (Hero Stats) – coming soon…

!overwatch help
Replace your BattleTag # with - . For Example: TestUser#1234 as TestUser-1234. Please note that the BattleTag is case-sensitive. View the list of command input: !overwatch list

!overwatch list
Available Command Input: quick, comp, playtime

I can’t get this to work :confused:

Why would you require people to replace their Battletag hash with a dash? You should use $(querystring) to dump the contents the person types to your server via querystring and then parse it server-side for parameters.

@night Bcos the # will be broken where it is treated like an anchor link to be parsed thru the API, it has to be replaced to dash.

@wiik91 May I know what is your Btag?

%23 is the URL encoded representation of #. That is why $(querystring) can be used and then parsed server-side.

@Aaron128l I know that, however at the API end, it is needed to be dash.

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