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[CustomAPI] Csgo faceit lvl and elo

This command won’t work for some reason, I keep getting the “Unexpected Identifier” in chat… My Faceit is HogWH (can you help?)


Just added all avaliable properties in custom view.

So now you can use all varaibles via that way: {elo}, diff: {todayEloDiff}, lifeTimeStats: {stats.lifeTime['Matches']}

So, it’s just supper all from json.

It might help, if your bot not support json for some reason.


Added trend variables.

"latestMatchesTrend": {
 "simple": "WLWLW",
 "extended": "W +10 | L -22 | W +24 | L -35 | W +28" 

You can choose what trend you wan’t to use!

Example usage: {elo}, diff: {todayEloDiff}, lifeTimeStats: {stats.lifeTime['Matches']}, trend: {latestMatchesTrend.simple}

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Hi! Can you please explain in detail how to install it?

Just create command with folowed response:

$(urlfetch {lvl}, elo: {elo})

And change USERNAME with your faceit nickname (case sensitive)

how can i setup those? im so noob in scripts etc

my faceit nickname “phNTMk1nG-” btw

Just check 1 message above.

i named my command: “!elo” response: "as you said, but inserted my nickname. and i just literally get what i typed in response.