Custom sub alert not working

not sure what’s going on here, any ideas?

We do not provide support for people stealing our source code, sorry.

@night , not stealing, you say right in it that “If you want to modify this source code for private use, that is permitted.” this is private use, being done for a friend, not making money so i see no issue with what I’m doing, sorry if you feel that way.

I saw there was another thread saying there was issues with the sub alerts, during this time. It seems to be working now.

And just to state again, I am not trying to take credit for your work, simply modifying like you said is permitted.

Even if (i say if because i cannot find anywhere that says that for the visual alerts) you are permitted to modify the source for private use, you are not then able to get support for any modifications that are then made. Support is only provided for the software as is, with no modifications.

If its all sorted out then its all good, but do know that for the future :slight_smile:


just an fyi for you :slight_smile:

Thanks! Of course its on the actual page, im a derp.

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