Custom !setwins command

Is it possible to create a custom !setwins command to edit an existing !wins command.

I would like to edit two variables in the wins command. For example:

!wins would return something like: Streamer has won 15 times in game A and 20 times in game B

Would like to set a command where that can be easily edited: !setwins 16 21 would change the numerical values and leave the command the same otherwise- Streamer has won 16 times in game A and 21 times in game B

Is this even possible?

Here’s how you would do that:

!commands add !wins Streamer has won 0 times in game A and 0 times in game B.
!commands add !setwins -a=!commands edit !wins Streamer has won $(1) times in game A and $(2) times in game B.
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You’re a god among men, sir. Thanks for the quick reply

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