Custom Rareparrot emotes aloud?

I upload a version of the rareparrot gif emote with a face of my favorite streamer pasted on and a better boarder around it for use on his channel, it hasnt been reviewed yet, But I was wondering if I’m aloud to reuse the emote in that way like other channels have or if those are just legacy ones and thats why they get away with it.

It is impossible that an emote has been sitting for a month without a review. It was most likely rejected and you received an email with the reason why.

Well i should say 2 weeks, then i updated it with the better border and its been sitting almost a week now like that, little exaggerated, I’m sure it didn’t help that i kept changing the name too…but the question still stands because it is still pending review, can i use rareparrot just by pasting a face on it or is that to close to copying an emote? the emote is Anxparrot if that helps (thanks for the quick reply btw i wasn’t expecting that)

Whenever you upload an emote it has to go through the entire emote queue system. Your emote has only been there for 4 days, we state about a 0-7 day response time on approvals.

again, it was re-uploaded a few times, i realize i exaggerated how long it was up and i already went over that in my last response and changed the original post so that’s not part of it anymore The question is if editing a emote is the same as copying it, specifically does pasting a face on an existing emote(rareparrot) make it ok to post it as a new one

if anyones wondering my emote was approved so the answer is yes, it is ok. thanks for the quick responses guys

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