Custom Nightbot !command with options

I’m trying to create an interactive !command similar to !songs.

You first type !songs and it gives you a synopsis of options you can elect like current/delete/playlist/next

In short I’m just getting confused with aliases and how they work together and the Docs aren’t helpful to a noobie like me.

So lets say for exampleeee social media.

I have !social which says Usage: !social twitter/youtube/facebook etc etc

However when I put !social !$(query) as the alias to my twitter command !twitter it doesn’t populate the description.

I’ve also tried an alias for twitter !social twitter
I’ve tried changing the command name to !social twitter but apparently you can’t have spaces. Any help would be appreciated.

Right now in order to do that you would need to make a plain-text remote API to do that using our URLFetch variable documented at

@OP why dont you just do seperate commands for every social media? and 1 more command to tell people what their options are to get in contact with you. Such as

!addcom !social $(touser)thank you for your interest in following me in other media, I am on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube please type “!social[Media]” to get the links. Media is Twitter, Instag, and Youtube. (No spaces, ex. !socialtwitter)

!addcom !socialtwitter My Twitter user name is @USERNAME. Tweet you soon!

et cetera?

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