Custom named song request

Hello i want to make a custom named song request in the way like if i do !banana it wil play the song that i linked to it.
i have been on google of more then a hour now and i can’t figure it out :confused:

this is where aliases, described here come in handy. Here is an example:

!commands add !banana -a=!songs request $(query)

Now whenever !banana is called it will act as if you called !songs request in its place.

Thanks for the reply but i would like to work it like if somebody times !banana it automaticly requests a song.
i do not want to replace !songs

I originally thought when i read your post, then i second guessed it and went with that. The method is the same, just replace $(query) with the link to the song you want to request. For example, here is a command that will always request Darude - Sandstorm

!commands add !dududu -a=!songs request

Thanks for the reply but i can’t get it to work this is how i have it setup is the something i need to change?

i keep getting this message:
There was an error requesting the song. Error: Invalid URL Provided

The command posted by Slikrick was meant to be copy-pasted into your chat, if you want to add it through the dashboard you need a small adjustment.

For the message part you can remove everything except the youtube link, this should fix that error.

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