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Hi there. I’ve read already that smiels should be in PNG, but i found few of them animated (chompy and SourPls). Is it possible to upload own animated smile? Thanks.

Hey Senpos,

Not at this time. The current GIF emotes are added by the NightDev as global emotes for BTTV and we have not added a feature to allow this.
This is because it is hard to ensure HQ gifs aswell as resource for everyone.

Vaughn Whiskey

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Thanks for reply. Well, i’ve got it, but “chompy” doesn’t work on my channel so i don’t think it is global right now.

One more thing i want to know - is there any amount restrictions of uploading emotions?


I am so sorry. Chompy is a BTTV SUB emote for Night (Creator of Nightbot and BTTV). Some BTTV emotes are locked to certain channels.
You can see a list here -

As for restrictions for uploading emotes to the BTTV Emote Site, all of that can be found on the upload page for BTTV -
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Well, i asked not correctly.

  1. How many emoticons can i add to my channel?
  2. Can i use emoticon names (or codes) without prefix? Like, Nice instead of bttvNice?

And like I said, all that info is found on the BTTV Emote site.

You can look at Teak’s announcement of the service here - New BTTV Feature: Custom Emotes!

But on the quick reply.
5 emotes per channel
You can use anything in the prefix or “chat code” within our guild lines.


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Thanks again. Have not found information about that 5 emotes per channel restriction on page.

But the other links I shared had the info you was looking for.

I was giving you links for where the info is stated.

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