Custom Follow Command for Discord

Trying to setup a custom command to basically return a twitch URL based on who typed the !follow command. So if I, Acoust1cReverb typed !follow on my server it would return, and so on. I think I’ve got it mostly correct, but when I run the command, I get an error: Follow fellow streamer Acoust1cReverb at provided is banned. ! Last seen playing no game.

I’m not sure why it’s returning the channel “Channel”. Here’s what my message looks like: Follow fellow streamer $(user) at$(twitch username {{name}})! Last seen playing $(twitch {{game}})

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

EDIT: Wait, I think it just hit me. Based on my command, it looks like nightbot thinks “name” is a profile, but it’s not and that’s not a dynamic variable. Is there a way to even accomplish this then?

You can just do something like this

!commands add !streamer Follow fellow streamer $(twitch $(touser) “{{displayName}} at {{url}} - Last seen playing {{game}}”).

Thank you!! That did it!

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