Custom delete song command not working(closed)

Hi I am trying to create a custom command for deleting a song in queue to !del. It is reading as the right command but no matter what i put after !del for instance !del 2 it doesnt acknowledge 2 as being a song position in queue. am i missing something? i cant get the command to delete the song i am trying to delete unless i do !songs delete 2

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as of today the command is working properly. the other day it was telling me the id of the song was invalid but today it is accepting variables 1-5 to delete songs 1-5 in queue. i did so by making 5 different commands. !del1 with the alias of !songs delete 1, and so on for each number up to 5. i mustve just had to restart nightbot because i think my requested songs were showing up as numbers like 27 in queue even though they were next