Custom commands won't work

So i just started using nightbot, it is in my stream, I have tried going in incognito mode, I have unignored it, I have it as a moderator but my command !rules will not work in my Twitch chat no matter what I do. If someone can help me fix this it would mean the world!

@KaiTTV So you made sure Nightbot wasn’t ignored and is a moderator in your chat. Did you also double check on these:

Nightbot isn’t banned: /unban Nightbot
Nightbot is joined to your channel: Click “Join Channel”

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Yes nightbot is not banned and I have already made sure he joined my channel and it still doesnt work for the commands. Whenever I do the command that I set after making sure there should be a message, when I do !rules it gives me this message: The alias you set this command to be of, !help, does not exist.

If you’re getting an alias error, that’s a whole other thing.

To quickly review how to make custom commands, because it seems like you’ve accidentally used the alias field in making a !rules command:

!addcom [command name] [command response]

This is the very basic setup for creating commands, but there are other parameters like alias (-a=). When you create a custom command as an alias of another command, essentially the new command is just using the other command.

For example, let’s say you create a command called !hi:

!addcom !hi Hello world!

When you type !hi Nightbot will say “Hello world!”

Now let’s say you create another command called !sup:

!addcom !sup -a=!hi $(query)

When you type !sup Nightbot will know that this command is just riding off !hi, your previous command, and will run !sup as such, and it will say “Hello world!” again.

If you’re looking to create a command that stands on its own, that is to say, it’s not an alias of another command, just follow the basic setup for !addcom and leave out the alias field (-a=) altogether when making your command:

!addcom [command name] [command response]

Where do you add the !addcom !hi Hello world! when making a custom command?

I’m having something similar with custom commands. I have made 2 of them and they work exactly how I want them to work but I have tried to make a custom !so command and nothing works with it.

Is that because !so is already there so I need to make an alias for it? I can’t understand why 2 of the commands I’ve made work but the rest do not.


  1. When you use !addcom to create a command, you do all this in your Twitch chat.

  2. I’m assuming !so is a shoutout command. There exists no default command on Nightbot for this so the command response for your !so command must be off.


Thank you again.

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