Custom Commands for YouTube

Hey everyone!

I’m trying to create a custom command for YouTube that allows me to easily Raid people. What I want is to say “!Raid YOUTUBER” and it would output soeething like “EVERYONE go to #OtterRAID

I tried using $(touser) to call that YouTubers name into the response but with no luck. Is there any way I can do this?

Thanks in advance!

um, what about$(querystring)
!addcom !raid$(querystring)
!raid Ytber name

What happend when you used $(touser), that should work.
!commands add !raid EVERYONE go to$(touser) #OtterRAID

Can youtube usernames have spaces? If so use $(querystring) instead.

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Hmm maybe I’ll try using the query string instead. I’ll give it a shot, thanks!

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