Custom Command not working

Trying to get a Command working in chat from night bot but it’s not having it. I dont know if it’s too long or what. Heres the Command and the line.

Command: !dnd

Message: Dungeons and Dragons is a game in which you and some friends take on the roles of characters you create within a fantasy world arbitrated by the DM, who
determines how everything that isn’t your characters acts and reacts to
you. Generally speaking, you’re a team of specialists with complementary
abilities out battling monsters and hunting treasure, though plots can
be much more varied. You decide what you want your character to attempt
and the dice help you determine whether you succeed at it, with the game
statistics serving to represent how difficult a given task is and how
capable your character is at it

Any help is appreciated, I’m sure I’ve missed something simple. (NB is also a mod of the channel.)

Probably look over Nightbot Custom Commands and see if you left out any thing or did something wrong. If that doesn’t work, then redo the Message. (Copy and Paste)

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Twitch enforces a max message length of 500 characters, which your command response far exceeds. You will need to shorten its length.

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