Custom Command not working as intended

I’ve been trying to make a !raid command for when i want to raid someone, everything works on it, however instead of showing what game the person I would be raiding is playing it just shows their username, here is the message i setup:

We are doing a raid on $(query $(twitch $(channel) “{{name}}”)). They are currently playing $(query $(twitch $(channel) “{{game}}”)) . Show them my support by following the and typing the following in their chat: " We sil3ntly enter #Sil3nt_v-Raid ". This is their channel ->$(query $(twitch $(channel) “{{name}}”))

You’ve overcomplicated the command. The following response would give you what you want:

$(twitch $(query) "We are doing a raid on {{displayName}}, who is playing {{game}}.") Show them support by following the channel and typing "We sil3ntly enter #Sil3nt_v-Raid" in their chat.$(query)

Ok. Thanks for the help

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