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Hello All,

I’m very new to Nightbot and definitely not a developer so I figured I’d come to the Forums to seek the advice I need.

I’d like to have a command in my channel that displays the current route I’m riding in Zwift. I don’t believe there is any API available for doing something like this, so my initial thought is to create a !route command that would then return a response that I would manually update at the beginning of each ride.

What is the proper syntax for doing this, and how do I include a variable that I can change during each session?

!route would return “We are currently riding Alpe du Zwift”, then using a command such as !setroute I could change the route name…

What would be the best practice for doing this?

Thanks in Advance!

Probably something like this:

!addcom !setroute -ul=moderator -a=!editcom $(eval a=[`RouteName1`,`RouteName2`,`RoutNameX`];`We are currently riding ${a[$(1)-1]}`

You just need to use !setroute {NumberOfRouteInList}

Alternatively you could use $(query) and type the name of the place everytime
That would look like this:

!addcom !setroute -ul=moderator -a=!editcom We are currently riding $(query)

Awesome, thanks for that suggestion…

I think I’d just as soon manually type in the route name each time and would want to include a link to a website that gives additional info on the route.

I’ll play around with what you’ve recommended and come back if I have more questions.

Thanks Again for the Help!

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