Custom api [Response must be less than 400 characters] issue

Hello, I have no idea why nightbot doesn’t like my php output. It outputs some stream info if a stream is online and an offline message if it’s online in plaintext utf-8.

Here is the code just because:

I just did a simple !addcom !stream $(customapi
Upon testing, !stream returns [Response must be less than 400 characters].

The offline response is around 30-40 characters and the online response is 50-70+ depending on game name which is well under 400. I feel like I’m missing something simple but I’m just completely baffled at the moment. Thank you for your help.

When you open the page directly it works, however if you try to grab the content for example:


And look at the source it will notify with about no javascript in browser, some kind of hosting error/problem (Over 400 characters).

I switched to a different host and I no longer have the issue. I’m still pretty new to php and it didn’t occur to me to test a file_get_contents result. Thank you!

For closure, I moved to openshift for hosting.

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