Custom API issues for stat tracking in PUBG

Hi! I’m using a custom API for tracking streamer stats in pubg.

I’m using !commands add -cd=5 -ul=everyone !pubg $(urlfetch$(querystring))

Using this for a friend of mine to try and track his stats for PUBG in his stream. However i’m coming across the issue that there are “No stats for user”

ShadyLurk3r is the streamer that I am attempting to retrieve stats for and i’m looking to resolve the issue.

Yeah PUBG removed regions from the game, which caused some changes in the API I’m using. Try using the command without providing the region, and see if that works.
If not please send me your PUBG username so I can test it out, but looks like !pubg fpsolostats ShadyLurk3r works.

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