CurrentSong.exe stopped working, looking for a solution


I used to have this simple batch script currentsong.exe that just updated the current song information into a text file and it stopped working after the API changes - sadly it’s also compiled and I can’t really look what’s going on under the hood. While the new Nightbot APP seems nice, I’m afraid it doesen’t quite suit my needs, here’s my case:

I got a streaming PC + gaming PC and the Nightbot AutoDJ is running on the gaming PC so that I can listen to the music while I play. The PC’s are connected to different ISP’s so simple LAN file share is kinda out of the question, too.

Now, my question is, is there some simple way to get the current song info out of AutoDJ of the spesified channel like with currentsong.exe? Any simple WGET or CURL command I can execute every 5 seconds that just echoes the result into a text file? I tried to look into the API docs, but they seem a bit off from I’m trying to accomplish.

Thank you for your time and keep up the good work.


You can get the current song from the following API endpoint:

Thank you for your reply - As purely a server guy; The API and HTTP stuff is something I wish I don’t have to delve into too deeply, the authentication steps of OAUTH2 seem quite the hassle for just getting some non-confidental information out of the API.

Solved my case with the newbie method;

  1. Installed Dropbox app to both of the PC’s and connected both to the same account
  2. Removed C:\Users\MyUserName\Nightbot
  3. Made a Junction link with MkLink /J “C:\Users\MyUserName\Nightbot” “F:\Dropbox\Nightbot” where F:\Dropbox is the location of my Dropbox folder.
  4. Created Nightbot - folder into my Dropbox folder location (F:\Dropbox)
  5. Made a new file current_song into the folder

Dropbox now just syncs the file Nightbot outputs. Might make it a bit easier for people if it was a possible to change the location where Nightbot App saves the current_song information. :slightly_smiling:

Oh, just noticed you can see the current song via
Could’ve just made a script that’d run every 5 seconds and uses CURL or WGET and get that line from that page and echo it into a file…

Unfortunately for people with strange setups it can often be difficult for us to support every possible situation. The app is coded with the idea that it will be ran on your streaming computer.

You can also unofficially grab the current queue unauthenticated (you need the channel ID): There are a few unauthenticated endpoints which power the public pages, as you noticed.

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