Current_Song.txt can't be found


I’ve been trying to add the current_song.txt to my stream by using OBS Studio.
I know I need to download the new beta nightbot app and look in the Nightbot folder for the text-file called current_song.txt.

I’ve downloaded the app, activated it as admin (my OBS also) and went to the autoDJ page and started a song.
I went looking for the current_song.txt file but this could not be found anywhere on my computer and I’ve search high and low.

I didn’t appear that Nightbot made a map called “Nightbot” in my documents and in the instal folder of Nightbox the current_song.txt couldn’t be found either.

Can someone tell me what to do here?
And please don’t tell me to go to: … That won’t help me sadly.

Best regards,

The app tries to make a Nightbot folder in your operating systems’ documents folder for your user. If you changed the path to documents or are on a non-English install of your operating system, perhaps that is why you’re having an issue. If not, then you are probably looking in the wrong place.


Indeed I’m running on a Dutch Windows 10 edition.
Do you know a way how I could fix this than?
Thanks for the reply ^^

You can try making a folder called “Documents” in your home directory (the same folder as whatever “Documents” in your native language is located within). Once the folder exists you should be able to start the app and it will generate the Nightbot folder in there.

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