Current song does not update

I have been using Nightbot to run my song requests and stream with OBS. A couple streams ago my current song stopped updating. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get it to update again. I tried remaking the scene on OBS and loading the .txt file again but it still is the same. Anyone got any idea on what it is?

Is the .txt file actually updating? does the issue lie in the nightbot app or obs? Have you tried deleting the nightbot folder and letting it regenerate?

I just deleted the nightbot folder to let it regenerate like you said. How long does that take or do I have to do something to get it back?

Edit: Yeah that fixed it. I deleted the Nightbot folder, re-downloaded the app, loaded the app up, put on a song and now it updates. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Rick.

No problem dude, glad i could help.