Creating banHammer command, need help

So, I am trying to create a custom command called !BanHammer it is unnecessary but I want to do it for science!

!commands add !BanHammer With The Swiftness of THOR $(user) DROPS THE BAN HAMMER ON $(touser)!

That currently is the command i have, but I am stuck on how to have nightbot execute a /ban command on the $(touser) once the !banhammer command is used.

I am kind of new to custom commands and have basic understanding but I am stumped on this one. I do not even know if it is possible. If it says how to do it somewhere then I am blind and could not find it! :frowning: Any help would be appreciated. :smile:

This is not possible as Nightbot cannot be used to run Twitch commands like /ban and /timeout.

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Dang, well thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

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