Creating a score command

hey there,

A channel I mod in wants a way to keep track of scores. Like When someone requests a song the streamer gives out 10 points to a certain house (think Harry potter house, Gryphondor, Slytherin etc) if he likes the song.

would it be possible for Nightbot to keep track of that? points added, point detracted and show the total amount per house?

Not sure if there is a better way, but this is how you could do it:

!addcom !pointsx X

To set the command.
And then you change it with (this one you should do a mod only command):

!addcom !setpointsX $(alias !editcom !pointsx HouseX points: )

Change amount of points:

!setpointsx 1000

However you will have to do this for every house.

Is there a way to just add points instead of setting the total amount … Like the house already has 50 points. Could I just !add10to ?

No, I dont think thats possible with the default Nightbot commands. However you can always create a custom API command.

Oh ok, Thank you for the quick responses!

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