Creating a custom command

Hey @mysteryonzero!

I feel like we’ve answered this very question many times before, have you tried using the search bar before opening your topic?

$(eval if ('$(1)' === 'guys') { 'MESSAGE_IF_GUYS_IN_INPUT' } else if ('$(1)' === 'mate') { 'MESSAGE_IF_MATE_IN_INPUT' } else { 'Hello $(user), welcome to my stream!' })

Or if you want to use the ternary operator (a tiny bit more advanced, only use it if you understand it):

$(eval if '$(1)' === 'guys' ? 'MESSAGE_IF_GUYS_IN_INPUT' : '$(1)' === 'mate' ? 'MESSAGE_IF_MATE_IN_INPUT' : 'Hello $(user), welcome to my stream!')
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