Creating a command that promotes that person when they type it

So I started a discord server and I don’t really want to have to micromanage what people can and can’t view. In this case, I have a channel for “censored” images, and obviously I don’t want little children accidentally seeing it so I made a separate role to access the channel. What I’m wondering is it possible to make it so that you type a command using nightbot that will then promote a user to said rank so they can see that channel? Or, make it so that it promotes that specific user to be able to see the channel; either would be fine by me. If so, could you tell me how to write it? Also, if at all possible, can we make it so the command isn’t shown when you type it so we can avoid spam? If not, that’s fine, I have a channel already set aside for bot spam. Anyways, thanks for any help you can give! :grinning:

Nightbot does not have functionality to give roles via commands. There are other such discord bots that can do that. You could look at a list of such bots here

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