Create a Timer for a Run

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry if this had already been asked, I’ve been looking for an answer here for a few minutes without being able to find an answer… I’m REALLY bad with nightbot and its variables, so I thought it would be best to directly ask here. i’m looking for a nightbot command for Twitch by the way.

I would like to have a command to launch a timer when I start a run of the game I’m streaming. The command would be something like !timeron. Then, I’d like the viewers to be able to enter the command !timer in order to see how long has it been since I started the run. Last but not least, I’d like a command to stop the timer, it would be !timeroff for example, whose goal would be to reset the timer.

I tried to wrote it myself, but … I miserably failed. I tried to look for something already written somewhere, but failed again. Is it only possible?


Heya, I dont think this is possible with regular Nightbot commands. However I do find this a funny idea, so this weekend I’ll make a simple custom api command for this.

This might explain WHY I had to much trouble with this ^^ If you do manage to create such a command, please comme here to show it to me ^^ And of course, thank you for y our answer ^^


Heya, so I set this up, could you test it out:

You probably want to make the start & stop commands mod or broadcaster only.

Start command:
!commands add !start $(urlfetch

Current time command:
!commands add !time $(urlfetch

Stop command:
!commands add !stop $(urlfetch

Pause command (use !start again to resume):
!commands add !pause $(urlfetch



Thank you so much, it’s going to make some people happy!

Again, thanks for your time ^^

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