Create a command that increments by one when I edit it

Hey guys I am wanting to make a command that I can update to increment the amount of wins I have by one.

I want to call !wins and then it will say “I have 42 wins” every time I call it.

But then I want to be able to update it whenever I get another win using the edit command. The reason I can’t use count is because this command is called multiple times even though I may not have gotten more wins yet. Is there a way to only increment when I want it to and not every time the command is called?


Below I have set up 2 commands: !wins which displays your number of wins, and !addwin which increments that number. Copy and paste into chat:

!addcom -cd=5 !wins I have 0 wins.
!addcom !addwin -a=!editcom !wins I have $(count) wins.
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Beautiful. Thank you so much!

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