Countup from current time and set command

Hi all,

Trying to create a command for a channel I’m in that counts up from when they were last raided. The idea being that there’s just a command (!raidtimer) which gives out the result, and another command (!setraid) which sets the time of when the last base was started, by taking the current time (when !setraid was used) and counting up from that point. I’ve tried this:

!addcom !setraid -ul=moderator -a=!editcom !raidtimer Not raided since $(countup $(time US/Eastern))

But it’s telling me the timezone isn’t valid (taken from the list on the Countup page), so not sure where it’s going wrong. Am I nesting the countup and time commands incorrectly?


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Copy and paste this into chat:

!addcom !setraid -a=!editcom !raidtimer Not raided since $(eval `$`+`(countdown $(time US/Eastern "MMM Do YYYY HH:mm:ss") US/Eastern)`).

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