Countup DAYS AND TIME only format

Is there a way to do a countup but with it just showing you the days and hours? Does regular $(countup) show months/weeks/days only? Or is there a way for me to make it so it shows “93 days 4 hours…” instead of “3 months…” I hope I’m making sense lol


This is a script that will reduce “X years, Y months, Z days…” to “W days…”

$(eval a=`$(countup YOUR_DATE_HERE)`.replace(` year`,`|year`).replace(` month`,`|month`).replace(` day`,`|day`).split(` `);b=0;for(i=0;i<a.length;i++){c=parseInt(a[i].split(`|`)[0]);if(a[i].includes(`|year`)){b+=c*365;a[i]=``;}if(a[i].includes(`|month`)){b+=c*31;a[i]=``;}if(a[i].includes(`|day`)){b+=c;a[i]=``;}}`${b} days ${a.join(` `)}`;)

Replace YOUR_DATE_HERE with your date.

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