Countries like Uruguay and Cuba missing

As the title says: Latin American? You’re screwd. I think that’s very disrespectful by the devs of Nightbot because there are more countries than what they teach you in school and… Well, South America exists, so it will be great if more countries can be added to the system. Looking forward to an answer.

Not sure where you are referring to, is there a specific command or setting that’s missing country options?

It is a command, !Spain for example, it counts how many people are from what country, but if you put countries like !Uruguay, Nightbot doesn’t reply anything, but for example, with !India it does.

Those commands are not default Nightbot command (Default commands are listed here:
Commands like !spain are custom commands for that specific channel you were watching, manually added by the channel owner or moderators, so not something Nightbot does control.

Oh, then I’m sorry to have bothered you with that. It’s just that almost every channel I visit have commands like that, so I thought it was a default command that wasn’t in the list or something, as it sometimes happens with betas, but now I know it’s not. Thank you for answering anyway.

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