Counter Commands

Hi folks,

I’ve been paroozing the forms seeing if I could find a thread for what I’m trying to accomplish but I can’t seem to figure it out/find it. Wondering if any folks here can help me.

I want to make a command that keeps an “inventory” of things per se. For example, the “boop” or “slap” command is often used on streams where viewer can “slap/boop” another viewer. I have these and my viewers love it. I know how to make a counter for a “so and so has been slapped 43 times” but I’m actually hoping to do the opposite. My end goal is to have all viewers start with let’s say 50 boops, and they can “spend” those boops, booping another viewer. So the message would read “User1 has booped user2. User1 has 49 boops left”. And then I’d love to find a way to have said “boop” be added to the other viewer’s count. So if I’m at 50 and get booped, I’m up to 51, and so on. End goal is to add in some games for gambling them and a leaderboard and such, but obviously this is just my start.

SUPER lofty goal, but if people have some ideas I’d love to chat with them. Thanks in advance!

This isn’t something that could be built natively in Nightbot, but you may be able to build something using an external API mixed with Eval and UrlFetch.

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