Countdown, Command by determined and search with link on external site.

Good morning, I would like to add a command that appears according to the time the person gives the command, for example. 10-11 Wrestling, 11-12 MMA, and so on. I would also like that at times when these commands are active they send a search on the IMDB site using the terms I put in the Bot. Finally, I would like that within this time that the command is active, it also has a counter informing how much time to finish.

Hey @keizynha!

It’s quite unclear what you’re asking for, and your example doesn’t help. Please explain how the command should work; if you include examples, also showcase the command call, not just the response you expect.

Do you have an AWS account? Have a look here. Otherwise, not possible. (spoiler: quite expensive)

Use $(countdown), read the documentation.

Please use line returns, it makes your messages easier to read.