Count the number of Subscription days

I want to count the number of subscription days as a follow-up count

@dilsah1102 Not really sure what’s being asked here. Do you mean you want a command that tells you how long you have before your Twitch subscription runs out? If so there’s a page on the Nightbot docs on the $(countdown) variable:

I want to know Nightbot command about Subscription count of subscribers of Streamer

Copy and paste this into your chat:

!addcom -cd=5 !subs $(twitch $(channel) "{{displayName}} has {{subscriberCount}} subscribers.")

Feel free to change the command name.

um my mistake
Subscription ‘DAY’ count of subscribers of Streamer
plz i want it …

By ‘subscription day’ count do you mean how many people have subscribed to a streamer within a single day (24 hour period)?

I need a Nightbot command that let command order know how long I’ve been subscribed.

You’re asking for a command that shows how long someone’s been subscribed to another streamer… I’m going to copy and paste a response to a very similar question asked on the Nightbot Discord server:

There is no command, in the sense that most people would want it. Twitch does not expose any public API for the sub “streak”, which is what people usually want, so we have no way to retrieve it and show it. There is a subscription endpoint in the API, but it can only show information about the user’s “current” subscription, which in many cases, perhaps even the majority of cases, will be much shorter than their “sub streak”. It’s really only useful for checking if the user is currently subbed. There have been customapi scripts written in the past, but the one I can find easily on the forums is an old one and its down. You might be able to find something if you search there (or ask), but I expect that those types of calls are not going to be what you’re really looking for anyway.

In short, there are custom APIs that can show subscription age, but because of how Twitch subscriptions work, most of the time the information they show isn’t accurate.

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