$(count)+switch/if Pepega Nightbot (twitch)

Hey Guys, I wanted to make a command, that counts the missed cannons in League of Legends, I mean, it’s a single command, with a counter, so a person writes !cannon, and it writes that xy missed $(count) cannon minions, and then, my idea was to, add a feature to this command which is it only counts if the game is League of Legends, so I coded it etc.

case ($(twitch $(channel) game) !== League of Legends):
$(channel) is not playing League of Legends, please don't use this command meaninglessly.;
$(channel) already missed $(count) cannon minions smileW;

Yea, it seems to be working, but its not, the problem is, when the streamer plays, sg. else, the nightbot message is the line what it should be, but it adds 1 more to the counter, so basicly it counts with every command use.
The reason why the code is a bit complicated, is that, first I tried to use if statements, it just did the same, so I decided to change the whole thing to switch, and when the expression was “$(twitch $(channel) game)”, not “true”, it just did the same thing, so this was my last try I’m out of ideas.
I also tried to use the counter mentioned here: https://community.nightdev.com/t/adding-a-command-that-adds-the-amount-specified-to-a-counter/22913 (with a few modifications ofc)
but it just did the same thing.
My final thought was to use sg. like mentioned here (but ofc with a little modification like -c=c-1): https://community.nightdev.com/t/is-there-a-count-reset/8985

But I dont actually no how to define this inside $(eval) nor that it would work or it would just lower the $(count)'s value with every use, like the $(count) works…

So guys my question is that, can somebody give me a freakin’ awesome solution for my porblem?
Thank you!

So I did a little research, and I found out that, nightbot executes every Variables, but it just wont show if it’s on another if/switch statement. I think it is kind of bs and it shouldn’t be this way, let’s hope the developers will find a way to fix this “bug”.

For the solution, I made a little custom API, which saves the number of executes into a txt file here is the code:

$strQuery = trim(urldecode($_GET['query']));
if ($strQuery == 'League of Legends')
$filename = "./path/counter.txt";
$file = fopen($filename, "r");
$pastAmount = fread($file, filesize($filename));
$newAmount = $pastAmount + 1;
echo "YOUR_CHANNEL already missed cannon minion ".$pastAmount."  times. smileW";
$file = fopen($filename, "w+");
fwrite($file, $newAmount);
echo 'YOUR_CHANNEL is not playing League of Legends, please stop spamming this command meaninglessly.';

in the txt file, you just put a number in the first line, and it will add +1 to it when the command is used, also pay attention for read and write permissions for this file.

and for the last the code of the command:
!addcom !cannon $(urlfetch http://somewebsite.whereyouwill.putthephp/cannon.php?query=$(twitch $(channel) game))

Ofc you have to put it on a website, and change the address like that.
Yes too much effort for a little thing, but I think it’s the only way to do this due to nightbot’s structure.
I hope I will help somebody who has the same issue.


It’s not really a bug since variables need to compiled before running an eval function. In your case a Custom API is indeed required :+1:

Knowing this, it’s not a bug, but I would say it’s illogical for a person who just got into nightbot coding. I didn’t want to downgrade your work, just wanted to share my experience, and my solution.

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