$(count) command help

Is there any way I can make the $(count) command, count more than one word?
By that, I mean: am I able to make it count only if it sees “Nice try” (for example), but if it sees something like “Nice one” it won’t count it?

From my experience with $(count), if the first word is the “key word”, then it counts it…
Help please, :slight_smile:.

No, what you want is not possible by default, you would need a customapi for that.

It’s not something specific with $(count), commands can only have the single word as a keyword, not a phrase of words.

Thank you.
You actually mentioned the next subject I was going to talk about:
Where do I find those?
Is it possible to create those? If so, where can I find a tutorial?
Are there customapi’s for everything? I mean, that I can do whatever I want with them?

There is a specific Custom API section of the forum to find whatever has been made already.

Yes, you can create them, i don’t honestly know of a tutorial. But the basic format is that nightbot sends data to the server that you want through the link that it goes to. Usually you (on the server) will want to find the querystring, or whatever you may want nightbot to send you, and then you do whatever you want in the language on the server JS, PHP, etc, and then return a plaintext response that nightbot replies with.

Not everything can be done with them, there are some limitations just in how nightbot does its variables and how you can respond, but most things are covered (to the point that i can’t think of a situation that you can’t do). There aren’t CustomAPIs premade for everything, but there are quite a few!

Thanks man, you’re a really cool and nice person! Helped me with all the questions I had (on the last topic too).